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Champion/Slick Factory Overhauled (FOH) Magnetos by Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA)

All overhauls are not alike!  Don’t be fooled.

FAA form 8130-3, Block 11 documents the Status/Work performed.  Block 12 tells the rest of the story…

Block 12: “Remarks” details what approved data was used to accomplish the work.  Was it the manufacturers overhaul instructions, or something else?

Overhaul is a generic term and refers to the work performed.  Overhauled using “what” instructions for continued airworthiness can be the difference in hundreds of dollars of replacement parts.  Block 12 will note the data used to accomplish the overhaul and in the case of Champion/Slick magnetos, you should be looking for reference to Champion L-1363, Rev. J.

Other approved data referenced in Block 12 can include reference to manuals developed by a third-party, someone other than the manufacturer, for commercial purposes.  Although this data is considered “approved data” by the FAA, it can deviate substantially from the intentions of the manufacturer.


In the case of the Slick magneto, Champion L-1363, Rev. J requires 100% replacement of the following components:

  • Impulse Coupling
  • Coil
  • Block and Gear Assembly


Champion’s experience has proven that it is difficult to establish inspection criteria for continued airworthiness of these components so it is prudent to replace them 100% of the time at overhaul.  Further, the price of these components collectively is $1700 so not replacing them creates a “less expensive” overhaul but at what price.

Contrast this with other approved overhaul data that requires that these components simply be inspected and replaced as necessary.   Inspected to what criteria developed by who?

The alternative overhaul manual states, “Additional parts may require replacement depending on conditions as determined during magneto inspection.” For the coil the extent of inspection is “inspect for visible radial cracks” and testing “for primary and secondary circuit resistance and continuity” according to the Champion Manual L-1363. Testing the resistance and continuity is objective and easy to see when the coil is outside of tolerances but visually inspecting a part for cracks relies on a judgment call whether the part should be replaced. The same issue comes up with the impulse coupling assembly, block and gear inspections. In total for these two parts the Overhaul manual calls out for inspection of eight different aspects of the parts. These inspections are based on a technician visually checking for cracks, rust, pitting, damage, or loose parts “using acceptable procedures” per the manual. These inspections rely a large amount on technician visual inspection which can introduces subjectivity into the overhaul process of the magneto.


A Slick magneto that has been overhauled in accordance with factory instructions (FOH) differs in all other overhauls by the following characteristics:

  • Overhaul was accomplished in accordance with factory instructions
  • All parts were replaced, as directed, with Champion/Slick factory new

The rotor and housing is reclaimed, and confirmed to be within factory new tolerances

  • Work was performed by Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA), a Champion/Slick factory authorized service center
  • One year warranty, same as new magneto warranty