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Aircraft Fuel Pumps

Quality Aircraft Accessories stocks new and overhauled aircraft fuel pumps from Dukes, Weldon, Airborne, Lear Romec, Tempest, Continental Motors, Pesco and others.

  • Dukes- QAA is the exclusive factory authorized overhaul provider for Dukes Aerospace.
  • Weldon- QAA is a Weldon Aerospace Pumps authorized repair station as well as a full-service distributor.
  • Airborne- QAA is a RAPCO Fleet Support distributor. We can provide you with an overhaul/exchange unit from stock or facilitate the overhaul of your pump.
  • Lear Romec- QAA has the capability to overhaul your Lear Romec Fuel Pump in-house. Additionally, we have overhaul/exchange units in-stock for immediate shipment.
  • Tempest- QAA is a Tempest distributor and stocks the full line of Tempest fuel pumps in new and overhauled condition.
  • Continental Motors- In association with our partner suppliers, QAA can facilitate the overhaul of your entire Continental Motors fuel system. We also stock a large variety of fuel system components.
  • Pesco- Gone but not forgotten, QAA can overhaul your Pesco fuel pump or provide an overhaul/exchange if your are in a hurry.

Browse our selection of Aircraft Fuel Pumps at our online store. If you need assistance in finding the right Aircraft Fuel Pump or troubleshooting yours, call us 1-877-833-6948 or and we will be happy to assist. Even if we do not have the part in stock, we will be happy to order it for you.