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As the aircraft population ages, their electrical systems contained outdated designs. With this in mind, Plane-Power entered with the concept to replace these antiquated designs by providing the market with modern, low cost designs based on current automotive technology, but modified to perform well in aircraft applications.

Plane-Power began developing a full line of lightweight aircraft alternator designs with mounting kits for an impressive variety of engine configurations. The line then expanded following the same philosophy to develop a simplified, common voltage regulator for those aircraft equipped with older generators and limited support.

The Plane-Power brand has solidified itself as the front-runner when choosing an aircraft alternator. Capable of equipping the vast majority of general aviation applications and UAVs, Plane-Power charges into the future with the goal to meet any customer’s need or budget.

As part of the Hartzell Aviation family of brands, is able to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible price!

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QAA stocks an extensive inventory of Plane-Power alternator kits, generator to alternator conversion kits, and voltage regulators.

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