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Aircraft Prop Governors & Aircraft Accumulators

Aircraft Prop Governors & Accumulators

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Quality Aircraft Accessories stocks aircraft prop governors and aircraft accumulators from Hartzell, Hamilton Standard, Woodward, and McCauley. We also have the ability to repair or overhaul your aircraft prop governor or aircraft accumulator in-house in one day. Repair, overhaul, or exchange, Quality Aircraft Accessories gets you back in the air

Browse our selection of Aircraft Prop Governors and Aircraft Accumulators at our online store. If you need assistance in finding the right Aircraft Prop Governor or Aircraft Accumulator for you, call us 1-877-833-6948 or Email Us to speak with a QAA representative.

What Is An Aircraft Prop Governor?

An aircraft propeller governor is a device that is used to control the speed of an aircraft’s propeller. It is typically mounted on the engine, and it receives input from the pilot or the aircraft’s flight control system to adjust the propeller’s speed. The governor works by controlling the flow of fuel to the engine, which in turn affects the engine’s power output and the speed of the propeller.

The purpose of the propeller governor is to maintain a constant propeller speed, regardless of changes in the aircraft’s airspeed or altitude. This is important because the propeller’s speed must be kept within certain limits to ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely. If the propeller’s speed is too low, it may not generate enough thrust to keep the aircraft in the air. If the propeller’s speed is too high, it may cause excessive wear on the engine and the propeller, and it may also create too much noise.

In addition to controlling the propeller’s speed, the propeller governor may also be used to optimize the engine’s fuel efficiency by adjusting the propeller’s pitch. This involves changing the angle of the blades on the propeller, which can affect how much air the propeller is able to move. By adjusting the pitch, the governor can help the aircraft maintain a constant speed while using the least amount of fuel possible.

What Is An Aircraft Accumulator?

An aircraft accumulator reduces pressure bumps, stores a reserve of high pressure, maintains system pressure, and provides backup system pressure. Aircraft accumulators have four types: the weight loaded piston type, diaphragm type, spring type, and the hydro pneumatic piston type. Some areas they provide backup in are: landing gear, APU starting, and emergency situations. Aircraft accumulators are also used as system dampers.

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