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Aircraft Carburetors & Fuel Servos

Aircraft Carburetors & Fuel Servos

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Quality Aircraft Accessories stocks a wide selection of aircraft carburetors, flow dividers and aircraft fuel servos from a variety of manufacturers.

Need your fuel component(s) overhauled? Quality Aircraft Accessories can ensure timely overhaul/exchange and repair services. We also have the capability to flow check entire fuel systems to aid in troubleshooting. Please contact a QAA representative for details.

Want to do the work yourself? We stock detail parts from Marvel Schebler and Precision Airmotive.

Browse our selection of Aircraft Carburetors and Aircraft Fuel Servos at our online store. If you need assistance in finding the right Aircraft Carburetor or Fuel Servo for you, call us 1-877-833-6948 or Email Us to speak with a QAA representative.

Carbureted vs. Fuel Injection System

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What Is An Aircraft Carburetor & Fuel Servo?

Aircraft carburetors are devices that introduce the mixture of fuel and air into the cylinders. The job of an aircraft carburetor is to measure an appropriate amount of incoming air and mix the air with fuel, ensuring a proper charge enters the cylinders. Fuel servos use diaphragms to measure the air flow and adjust the fuel to air ratio accordingly. When the airflow increases, the airplane’s diaphragms move to allow a greater flow of fuel. When the airflow decreases, the flow of fuel is lessened. Both the aircraft carburetor and airplane fuel servos are critical in ensuring a properly run engine.

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