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Aircraft Turbo Systems

As the Hartzell Engine Technologies exclusive distribution agreement with Aviall has come to an end as of February 28th 2014, HET has moved to a much broader distribution network including the appointment of Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA) as a Recommended Service Facility (RSF) for aircraft turbochargers, wastegates, controllers, and pressure relief valves.

As an RSF, QAA assures you of the following:

  1. QAA possesses and conducts all work in accordance with HET’s most recent version of the component maintenance manual.
  2. QAA maintenance personnel are factory trained.
  3. Only genuine HET detail parts are used in the overhaul process. No PMA parts.
  4. Product liability insurance is maintained and covers all work accomplished.

The most significant benefit of being approved as an RSF is that QAA is guaranteed the lowest cost in the industry for the detail parts required to repair/overhaul your aircraft turbocharger, wastegate, controller and pressure relief valves.

Aircraft turbochargers can now be overhauled economically instead of being replaced with a factory rebuilt unit from Aviall.

QAA now offers you the full range of options from an inspection to a limited repair, to overhaul, or if you prefer, a factory rebuilt unit.

QAA’s extensive core pool allows us to make aircraft turbochargers, wastegates, controllers, and pressure relief valves available on an exchange basis.

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