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Champion Aerospace

Champion Aerospace

For decades, Champion Aerospace has incorporated breakthrough technologies and innovative developments into product after product, earning a global reputation for quality and proven aviation solutions. Virtually all components found in Champion Aerospace products are manufactured at its facility in Liberty, South Carolina opened in 1988. Champion’s in-house innovations and advancements have helped prolong the life of Champion Aerospace components, reducing maintenance time, cost, and effort. To view the full line of Champion products, visit their site here. Quality Aircraft Accessories is a distributor and factory authorized warranty and repair station for all Slick by Champion magnetos. In addition to 15 years of reliable and predictable service as an FAA and EASA approved repair station, Quality Aircraft Accessories stocks new Slick magnetos as well as the full line of Champion harnesses, spark plugs and oil filters.

Champion Aerospace Products:

Slick Magnetos by Champion Aerospace

Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA) carries a large selection of Slick magnetos by Champion, both Impulse and Non-Impulse models. View our catalog of Slick magnetos by clicking the link below. If you can't find the Slick magneto you need, contact us today at 877.833.6948 and a QAA representative will assist you.

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Factory Overhauled Slick Magnetos by Champion

A better value than overhauled units

The Slick 4300/6300 Series magnetos are to be completely overhauled when conditions indicate. The magnetos must be overhauled at every engine overhaul. The magneto Time in Service (TIS) allowance is the Time Before Overhaul (TBO) or 12 years when maintained in accordance with this manual. In no case are the magnetos to have in-service times greater than the TBO hour limit for the engine on which it is installed. In addition, the magnetos must be overhauled after a lightning strike on theaircraft, a sudden engine stoppage, prop strike, or immersion.

Features of Slick Magnetos

Champion Warranty

  • Champion Slick Magnetos make timing, installation, inspection, and maintenance simpler and more convenient than ever before. We also incorporated mechanic-endorsed features to improve performance and service life.
  • Lift-off housing-Internal timing is not disturbed during inspections.
  • Simplified internal timing-Improved internal markings and unique Slick E-gap tool make timing easier and more accurate.
  • Fully sealed bearings-Keeps contaminants out and grease in for smoother operation and less maintenance.
  • Lower EMI levels-Redesigned housing improves sealing and results in less radio noise
  • OEM Approved-Models are less available for more than 225,000 engines-all compatible with existing Slick Ignition Harnesses.
  • Offered in factory new or OEM approved factory overhauled condition.

*The retail value of additional parts replaced on factory overhaul units is over $1700.

Factory overhauled in accordance with Champion Aerospace master service manual L-1363ManualTo alternative aftermarket manual(s). Requiring DER approval
YESReplace ALL Wearable PartsNo
YES-100% Genuine OEM PartsUse 100% Genuine Factory OEM partsNo
YES-1 YearSame Warranty as a New MagnetoNo-6 months
Contact points, Carbon brush, Capacitor, Bearings and Cap, Oil Seal and Rotor Gear
Also Replaced: Coil, Impulse Coupling Assembly, Block and Gear*
Parts ReplacedContact points, Carbon brush Capacitor, Bearings, Oil seal, Rotor gear, and impulse Spring ONLY