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Slick Magneto FAQs

What type of core can I send in when purchasing new slick magnetos?

When purchasing a new Slick magneto, Champion charges a core charge. If you currently have a Slick magneto installed, it must be the current series, i.e. 43XX or 63XX, to receive full core credit. Slick currently accepts any Bendix magneto as a core for a new Slick magneto.

Does this Slick Magneto come with an impulse?

Check the “Details” tab of the Slick Magneto that you are interested in buying and the Slick Magnetos listed with a “Type: Impulsed” will come with an impulse coupling.

For a Slick Magneto what is the service time?

According to the Slick Magneto by Champion Overhaul Manual L-1363F, the magneto should be overhauled at TBO, lightning strike, prop strike, sudden stoppage of the engine and immersion of the aircraft.

What are the possible bill backs that I can get on a core return for my Slick Magneto?

There are no bill backs on a core return that is a current series 4300 or 6300 Slick Magneto.

Will the Slick Magneto come with a gasket?

Yes, Slick Magnetos will come with the mounting gasket for installation.

Is a drive gear included in an exchange? Or will you put one on my Slick Magneto if I send it to you?

Drive gears are not included in any exchange for Slick Magnetos. No drive gear will be installed on a magneto sent to us unless it was originally shipped to us with one and we will just re-install the same drive gear back onto the Slick Magneto after servicing.