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Part#: 122-24PM

24 Volt



Core: $200

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  • 122-24PM-CORE: Core Charge - 122-24PM


Alternate Part Number(s): 31B22103

This product is synonymous with the Sky-Tec name, The Original Flyweight™, provides unmatched value in Lycoming replacement starters. These high torque Sky-Tec starters are built with permanent magnet motors that provide consistently reliable performance and twice the spin of old heavyweight OEM starters resulting in faster and easier engine starts; especially improving hot engine start performance.

They call these “Flyweight starters” because they are ultra-light at just 7.8 pounds and also ultra-light in price compared to other models. Sky-Tec Starters are tactically engineered for Lycoming Engines.

Need help choosing the right aircraft starter, or want more information about Sky-Tec Starters? 

Please Note: The LS Solenoid is at the 2:30 position and the PM Solenoid is at the 7:30 position when viewed from the front.


The 122-24PM starter is an Aircraft Starter meant for Lycoming engines. This Aircraft Starter has some key features that differentiate it from other Aircraft Starters:

  • Weight: 8.25 lbs
  • Voltage: 24V
  • RPM: ~160-180 RPM at 22V
  • Gear Reduction: 4.3:1
  • Motor: Permanent Magnet

Engine Applications

Sky-Tec Flyweight Starters & Solenoids Aircraft Fit Guide:

Engine Model:

O-235 to O-540


10/12 (for 122-tooth Ring Gears)

See Fit Guide in resource section for more information


Q: What are the dimensions of the 149-NL Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter?

A: The aircraft starter dimensions can be found in the installation instructions. Here is a link to that information: http://www.skytecair.com/images/Ins/25001_F.pdf

Q: What does the HT stand for on my Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter?

A: HT stands for High-Torque Aircraft Starter. These are ideally suited for piston helicopters and workhorse operations according to Sky-Tec.

Q: Is my Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter spinning too fast?

A: The short answer is no your Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter can’t outrun your engine. Here is a link to a more thorough explanation from Sky-Tec on their Aircraft Starters: http://www.skytecair.com/Too_Fast.htm

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