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Aerospace Welding Minneapolis

Looking for quality aircraft accessories? QAA is the premier supplier of aviation equipment. We have the complete catalogue of Aerospace Welding (AWI) products, a Hartzell Aerospace Welding company where precision meets innovation. Your aviation experience will be unmatched with these aerospace welding solutions designed to exceed industry standards.

Established in 1993, AWI is a world leader in general aviation aircraft exhaust systems and engine mount repair. With FAA-certified parts, they are known for parts that are designed to withstand the challenges of aviation.

For over 25 years, Aerospace Welding Incorporated (AWI) has been providing general aviation aircraft owners and operators with economical solutions for welded components, including exhausts for Cirrus, Cub Crafters, Piper Aircraft, and American Champion.

These solutions include a comprehensive inventory of PMA replacement engine exhaust components, and through its FAA-approved repair station, weld repairs for engine exhaust components engine mounts, cabin heat shrouds, and turbo mounts. 

Aerospace Welding takes pride in its precise design, industry-leading quality, and core innovation to give you durable, reliable support for every flight.

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At QAA, we carry a wide range of AWI accessories so you can find what you need, including welded exhaust systems, welded engine mounts, and other custom welding solutions that you may need for your aircraft.

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