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Quality Aircraft Accessories Acquires InterAv Alternator Product Line

Acquires InterAv Alternator Product Line

Tulsa, OK- In support of owner/operator requests for the continued support of the InterAv alternator, Quality Aircraft Accessories is pleased to announce the acquisition of the InterAv alternator product line from InterAv. This asset purchase included all intellectual property required to support the product line, detail spare parts, and cores.


Since 1965 when Alcor obtained the original STC and through 1980 when InterAv acquired the business, over 15,000 alternators were produced. Originally designed as a conversion kit for generator equipped aircraft, the InterAv alternator was also used by Piper as standard equipment on some production aircraft.


“This acquisition conveys our continued commitment to General Aviation and the unique airplanes and parts that comprise the fleet” said Brett Benton, President of Quality Aircraft Accessories.


“Staying focused on engine and limited airframe accessories and meeting the needs of our customers has given rise to some interesting opportunities that may have been overlooked by others.”


The InterAv product line is now available direct on Quality Aircraft Accessories website at and includes the following items:


  • Overhaul/Exchange Alternators
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Overvoltage Regulators
  • Spike Guard Capacitors
  • Mounting kits and hardware
  • Fans and Pulleys
  • Miscellaneous Detail Parts


About Quality Aircraft Accessories

Located in Tulsa Oklahoma, Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA) repairs, overhauls, distributes and exchanges general aviation engine and limited airframe accessories. As an FAA repair station with EASA approval, QAA offers a full range of repair replacement options to its worldwide customer base.