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Sky-Tec Starter FAQ

Below you will find a series of industry frequently asked questions surrounding Sky-Tec starters. Read on to find out more information about Sky-Tec starters or contact us today with your Sky-Tec starter question or request.

Is my Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter spinning too fast for my engine?

Your Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter will not be able to “outrun” your engine. The Aircraft Starter would need to reach an RPM level of 400 to do this and no Sky-Tec starters are able to do this. Additionally, if your Aircraft Stater were able to do this then the engine would just start. Here is a link to a more thorough explanation from Sky-Tec on their Aircraft Starters:

What are the dimensions of the 149-NL Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter?

The aircraft starter dimensions can be found in the installation instructions. Here is a link to that information:

What does the HT stand for on my Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter?

HT stands for High-Torque Aircraft Starter. These are ideally suited for piston helicopters and workhorse operations according to Sky-Tec.

For my Continental Engine, how do I tell if my Sky-Tec Starter is a pull-type or key-start Aircraft Starter?

The difference in the two styles of Aircraft Starters can easily be determined by how you start the aircraft itself whether with a key or not. However, if you are just looking at the Sky-Tec Stater then the difference will be in whether a starter pinon or starter clutch is used on the Aircraft Starter. Here is a link to more detailed information:

Why can’t I use my 122-tooth Gear in place of a 149-tooth Gear for my Sky-Tec Starter?

The main differences between the two assemblies is the flange thickness and depth of each type ring gear. These differences will not allow the Sky-Tec Starter to work. Here is a link to more information: