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Bendix Magneto FAQs

When do I have to Overhaul my Bendix Magnetos?

The Bendix Magneto overhaul manual states: “Magnetos are subject to the same environmental conditions and wear as the engine and must be overhauled when the engine is overhauled. Engine over speed, sudden stoppage or other unusual circumstances may require engine overhaul prior to engine manufacturer’s recommendations. In such circumstances the magneto, regardless of “in service time,” must be overhauled with particular attention focused on rotating parts, bearings and electrical components. In addition, magnetos must be overhauled or replaced five years after the date of manufacture or last overhaul or four years after the date placed in service, whichever occurs first, without regard to accumulated operating hours since new or last overhaul.”

Do Bendix Magnetos come with a gasket?

Generally, all Bendix Magnetos come with the mounting gasket.

What is covered under the overhaul of Aircraft Magnetos?

A normal overhaul includes all parts required by the manual to issue an 8130 that states overhauled in box 12. These items can vary based on part number but normally this includes the points, carbon brush, condenser, oil seal, pinion gear and impulse spring if the aircraft magneto is impulse. They also completely disassemble the aircraft magneto, clean and paint the housings and install new bearings. The aircraft magnetos will then be tested and tagged with an overhauled 8130-3 that includes an EASA dual release.

Are 500 hour inspections required for Aircraft Magnetos?

An inspection of the magneto is required at 500 hour intervals under MSB645 (AD 2005-12-06) for some aircraft magnetos, specifically Bendix Magnetos.

Is a drive gear included in an exchange? Or will you put one on my Bendix Magneto if I send it to you?

Drive gears are not included in any exchange for Bendix Magnetos. No drive gear will be installed on a magneto sent to us unless it was originally shipped to us with one and we will just re-install the same drive gear back onto the Bendix Magneto after servicing.