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Aircraft Turbocharger FAQs

Below you will find a series of industry frequently asked questions surrounding aircraft turbochargers. Read on to find out more information about aircraft turbochargers or contact us today with your aircraft turbocharger question or request.

Can you repair Turbo systems or are they overhaul only?

Turbochargers are overhaul only, but Quality Aircraft Accessories can overhaul and repair all wastegates, pressure relief valves, and controllers associated with your turbo system.

What is the turnaround time on Turbos/Wastegates/Controllers?

Quality Aircraft Accessories routinely repairs and overhauls all turbo system components in 3-5 days, but upon customer request Quality Aircraft Accessories can accomplish these tasks next day.

My turbocharger is leaking oil. Does it need to be replaced?

No, when a turbocharger is leaking oil the cause is almost always something else. The main causes are a bad outlet check valve, a kink in an oil line, or the scavenge pump. Checking other valves, oil lines, and pumps will almost always find the cause. Outlet check valves are generally responsible for oil leaking from the turbocharger.

I’m getting low fuel pressure from my fuel pump. What in the turbo system can cause this?

Nothing really. Low fuel pressure is an issue almost always caused by something on the fuel injection side, not your turbo system.

What is the recommended service following a prop strike?

Following a prop strike, Quality Aircraft Accessories recommends checking for metal contamination in the engine oil passed through the turbocharging system.