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Aircraft Magneto FAQs

Below you will find a series of industry frequently asked questions surrounding aircraft magnetos. Read on to find out more information about aircraft magnetos or contact us today with your aircraft magneto question or request.

Is the Aircraft Magneto connected to the rest of the electrical system?

No, the aircraft magneto ignition system is independent from the aircraft electrical system. In the event of an electrical failure the mechanical aircraft magneto will continue to provide spark to the engine.

Why are there two Aircraft Magnetos?

Having two aircraft magnetos provides redundancy. With each aircraft magneto firing one spark plug on each cylinder, the engine will continue to run in the event one of the aircraft magnetos malfunctions.

If one Aircraft Magneto fails do I have to service both magnetos?

It is not required to service both airplane magnetos at the same time but it is a good idea to keep the pair of magnetos on the same maintenance schedule to avoid additional down time in the future.

What is the difference between a Pressurized and Non-Pressurized Aircraft Magneto?

Pressurized aircraft magnetos are usually found in turbocharged engines. Air is diverted from the turbocharging system and sent through a line to a fitting installed in the aircraft magneto. The aircraft magneto is also fitted with a small orifice at the bottom of the housing to allow a small air leak. This orifice insures a constant flow of air through the aircraft magneto to avoid the internal air from becoming ionized.

Do you bench test my Aircraft Magnetos before/after Overhaul/Repair?

We bench test after any repair or overhaul of aircraft magnetos; however, a bench test is only performed prior to work if requested by the customer.

Is the Aircraft Magneto core less the sale price or an additional amount?

See our core policy page by clicking here.

Do Aircraft Magnetos come with a gasket?

Generally, all aircraft magnetos come with the mounting gasket.

How long will it take to service my aircraft magneto?

Typical turn time for magnetos is 3-5 days but to get current shop lead time please call us.