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Aircraft Fuel Pump FAQ

Below you will find a series of industry frequently asked questions surrounding aircraft fuel pumps. Read on to find out more information about aircraft fuel pumps or contact ustoday with your aircraft fuel pump question or request.

I am getting low fuel pressure/flow, it has to be my fuel pump, right?

It can be the fuel pump, but there are multiple causes of this problem. Any leaks letting fuel out of the system or air into the system, Clogged strainers/filters or damaged fuel lines will negatively affect unmetered fuel pressure/flow. Also, fuel servos/controls and the condition of the flow divider can affect the metered fuel pressure/flow.

Engine Driven (Mechanical) Fuel Pumps. My pump is not producing enough pressure. Can I adjust it in the field?

Yes, you can adjust your fuel pump’s pressure in the field. To do so, remove the safety wire and loosen the locknut. Rotating the screw clockwise and counterclockwise will adjust your fuel pump pressure.

My pump is not producing enough pressure even after I adjust it in the field. What could be wrong?

There are several internal errors that could be affecting your fuel pump, from an internal air pocket to a faulty spring. We recommend sending your fuel pump in for inspection and, if necessary, repair.

Why does my pump part number end with A(##) and yours does not?

As the styles of mechanical fuel pumps are updated, the part numbers are updated as well. Updated part numbers can also provide additional application information.

I can only run my engine with the boost pump on. What could be wrong?

This is likely an internal error requiring inspection and repair.

Boost (Electric) Pump. My pump is over 10 years since overhaul. Can it be repaired?

After 10 years fuel boost pumps must be overhauled, they cannot be repaired.

My fuel pump has two same color wires. Which one is positive?

If the wires are the same color, they are not polarity sensitive.

My pump is only leaking a little bit from the overboard drain. Does it require repair/overhaul or is it okay?

If your pump is leaking from the overboard drain it does require repair/overhaul.