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FXE: 1072 NW 53rd St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Rebuilt Slick Magnetos by Champion

A better value than overhauled units


Features of Slick Magnetos

Champion Warranty

  • Champion Slick Magnetos make timing, installation, inspection, and maintenance simpler and more convenient than ever before. We also incorporated mechanic-endorsed features to improve performance and service life.
  • Lift-off housing-Internal timing is not disturbed during inspections.
  • Simplified internal timing-Improved internal markings and unique Slick E-gap tool make timing easier and more accurate.
  • Fully sealed bearings-Keeps contaminants out and grease in for smoother operation and less maintenance.
  • Lower EMI levels-Redesigned housing improves sealing and results in less radio noise
  • OEM Approved-Models are less available for more than 225,000 engines-all compatible with existing Slick Ignition Harnesses.
  • Offered in factory new or OEM approved rebuilt condition.

*The retail value of additional parts replaced on Rebuild units is over $1700.

Rebuilt in accordance with Champion Aerospace master service manual L-1363 Manual To alternative aftermarket manual(s). Requiring DER approval
YES Replace ALL Wearable Parts No
YES-100% Genuine OEM Parts Use 100% Genuine Factory OEM parts No
YES-1 Year Same Warranty as a New Magneto No-6 months
Contact points, Carbon brush, Capacito, Bearings and Cap, Oil Seal and Rotor Gear
Also Replaced: Coil, Impulse Coupling Assembly, Block and Gear*
Parts Replaced Contact points, Carbon brush Capacitor, Bearings, Oil seal, Rotor gear, and impulse Spring ONLY

QAA Certified Champion Repair Station Certificate