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Part#: 406610-9032

406610-9032: Turbocharger


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All Turbo-system components (turbocharger, wastegate, controller, and pressure relief valves) overhauled by Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA) are overhauled in accordance with Hartzell Engine Technologies Recommended Service Facility (RSF) requirements. Specifically, these RSF requirements are:

  • All turbo-system components are overhauled in accordance with the most recent component maintenance manual revision
  • Only original Hartzell Engine Technology manufactured components are utilized during the overhaul process
  • Product liability insurance applies to all turbo-system components overhauled

Overhauled turbochargers include the 100% replacement of the turbine wheel and center housing.

All overhauled turbo-system components have a six (6) month warranty from the date of installation, no more than twelve (12) months from the date of sale, whichever comes first.


The 406610-9015 (OEM Part Number: LW-19174) Aircraft Turbocharger is used on a Lake aircraft application. Maintenance on an Aircraft Turbocharger is critical to obtain a long and hassle free service life. An Aircraft Turbocharger must regularly withstand extreme operating conditions – with exhaust inlet temperatures exceeding 1600° F and the turbine wheel rotating at over 90,000 RPM. At all 100 hour inspections the turbine and compression wheel blades must be carefully inspected for any cracks or damage caused by foreign object damage. It is also important to turn the wheels by hand and inspect for any drag or rubbing against the housing. One of the most important processes in the Aircraft Turbocharger is the lubrication system, which is provided by the aircraft engine oil. Oil contamination, foreign object damage, and oil supply problems are the most frequent reasons for premature Aircraft Turbocharger failure and can lead to overheating of the bearings and the center housing.

Engine Applications

Aircraft: Engine:
Lake 250 Renegade TIO540AA1AD


Q: What gaskets will come with the Aircraft Turbocharger I just purchased?

A: With the purchase of your Aircraft Turbocharger you will receive the oil gaskets for the unit. Exhause gaskets are available upon request.

Q: What is the torque specification for the through bolts on my Aircraft Turbocharger?

A: The turbine housing through bolt specification is 180 in/lbs for an Aircraft turbocharger.

Q: I think my Aircraft Turbocharger is leaking oil, how can I check to make sure?

A: Please visit our Aircraft Turbocharger resource center (/aircraft-turbochargers-wastegates-aircraft-controllers-and-valves) for troubleshooting oil leaks in your Aircraft Turbocharger.

Q: Does the Aircraft Turbocharger also come with a heat shield?

A: The Aircraft Turbochargers provided by QAA do not have a heat shield included. You will need to keep your heat shield from your original Aircraft Turbocharger and swap it over the the new unit you receive.

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