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Aircraft Wastegates

QAA stocks a wide variety of aircraft wastegates, both butterfly style and poppet style, all overhauled using genuine OEM parts and in accordance with the last version of the manual. Quality Aircraft Accessories has been overhauling turbocharging systems and system components since 1999 and can overhaul or repair your aircraft wastegate in 3-5 days. Browse our selection of aircraft wastegates below. If you can't find the aircraft wastegate required, contact us with your aircraft wastegate request. If you'd like to learn more about aircraft wastegates, click here to visit our aircraft turbosystem resource page.

Wastgate Maintenance:

Wastegates can be one of the most problematic parts of the turbocharging system. This is due to the fact that wastegates regulate the flow of incredibly hot and corrosive exhaust gases. Most wastegate problems are caused when the byproducts of combustion stick to the shaft on which the wastegate butterfly valve pivots. Oil-borne deposits can have the same effect, causing the wastegate to no longer open and close smoothly when commanded. Without smooth butterfly action, a wastegate may require overhaul. There are several simple inspections Quality Aircraft Accessories recommends to help prolong the life of your wastegate:

  • Inspect the butterfly valve for warping
  • Inspect the butterfly shaft bearing for pitting
  • Inspect linkage to ensure freedom of movement
  • Inspect arm to ensure freedom of movement
  • Lubricate wastegate butterfly shaft

Need help troubleshooting? Call QAA at 877-833-6948 and we will be happy to help.

Need help finding the right gasket for your wastegate? Check the table below.

Wastegate series Gasket Part # Manufacturer
470908 2570-1 RAM (PMA)
470780 652456 Continental
481064 9910306-1 Lycoming
470818 75845 Lycoming
470954 24096-225 Cessna (ALT)
470842 1550148-2 Cessna
470830 3 inch 2176-300N RAM
24096-300N Cessna (ALT)
2 inch 2176-200N RAM
24096-200N Cessna (ALT)