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Part#: 107 (AEC107)

Continental Motors Oil Pump Kit




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107 (AEC107) Continental Motors Oil Pump Kit

The 107 Oil Pump Kit, also referred to as AEC107, is a kit consisting of three parts. The first component of the 107 Oil Pump Kit is a 631016 (AEC1016) small oil pump driven gear. 631075 (AEC631075) is the large oil pump drive gear provided in the kit. The last item in the Oil Pump Kit is a 632977 (AEC632977) oil pump housing.

Engine Applications

The AEC107 Kit is used on all Continental 520, 550, IO-520, IO-550, TSIO-520, TSIO-550, and TSIOL-550 series engines.


Q: What is included in the Oil Pump kit?

A: The 107 Oil Pump kit includes a 631016 small driven gear, 631075 large oil pump drive gear, and 632977 back housing. The cover for the oil pump is not included.

Q: Will the AEC107 kit come with paperwork?

A: The 107 Oil Pump Kit will come with 8130 forms with new condition listed.

Q: Where can I tell if the 107 Oil Pump Kit will work for my engine?

A: The listed applicable engines for the AEC107 Oil Pump Kit are listed in the engine application tab. If you have further questions click the link in our resources tab to look at Continental Motors website for illustrated parts Catalogs.

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