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A magneto is a crucial component of an aircraft’s ignition system, and it’s important to ensure that it is in good working condition at all times. 

The 4300/6300 Series magnetos are to be completely overhauled when conditions indicate. The magnetos must be overhauled at every engine overhaul. The magneto Time in Service (TIS) allowance is the Time Before Overhaul (TBO) or 12 years when maintained in accordance with this manual. In no case are the magnetos to have in-service times greater than the TBO hour limit for the engine on which it is installed. In addition, the magnetos must be overhauled after a lightning strike on the aircraft, a sudden engine stoppage, prop strike, or immersion.

Quality Aircraft Accessories offers overhaul, repair and exchange services for magnetos. If you have a magneto that needs service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs and get your aircraft back in the air as quickly as possible. 

Please browse our below selection of magnetos or contact us.

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