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Part#: C1-5AS-II

C1-5AS-II: Aero-Lite Aircraft Ignition Harness





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C1-5AS-II Aero-Lite Aircraft Ignition Harness

This Aero-Lite Aircraft ignition harness is used for 6-cylinder aircraft engines with S6-1200 model Bendix Magnetos and large barrel spark plugs.

Engine Applications

Model: variation:

IO-470 -A, -C, -D, -E, -F, -G, -H, -L, -M, -N, -P, -R, -T


Q: Do I need to order two of each aircraft ignition harness for my engine?

A: No, the part numbers we have on our website are the complete aircraft ignition harness which has leads for the left and right aircraft magneto. If you are just looking for a half aircraft ignition harness or a harness to just one magneto, then you will need to use the Champion guide and find the harness the corresponds to the left hand or right hand magneto.

Q: What color are the wires for an Aero-Lite aircraft ignition harness? Champion? Kelly?

A: Normally, Aircraft ignition harnesses from Aero-Lite will have the wires covered in a blue silicone shielding. For Champion aircraft ignition harnesses the color of the wires is a metallic gray in the braided wire shielding. Red is the color for the aircraft ignition harnesses from Kelly. Different colors can be obtained for most aircraft ignition harnesses but they must be special ordered.

Q: Can I get a Champion aircraft ignition harness with 90 degree elbows for the fittings?

A: No, Champion only makes aircraft ignition harnesses with straight lead spark plug connections. If you require 90 degree elbows, then you must get either an Aero-Lite or Kelly aircraft ignition harness.

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