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  • Alternator Kit
    24 Volt 70 Amp

    Part#: AL24-F60C

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    Price: $585.00

    Core: $0.00

    Plane-Power alternators are the product of years of research, development and intensive testing. Each component has been engineered, developed, tested and re-tested exclusively for use in general aviation aircraft. As a result of these efforts, Plane Power alternators offer significant improvements over legacy aircraft alternator offerings including:

      • Generate substantially higher power at lower engine RPMs
      • Generate significantly less heat while producing rated power
      • Generate rated power at typical aircraft cruise RPMS
      • Vastly improved balancing drastically reduces bracket failure
      • Greater reliability for significantly increased service life
      • Weigh up to four pounds less

    Plane-Power alternators are FAA PMA certified to replace the vast majority of popular general aviation alternators. Plane-Power also manufactures an alternator kit for experimental aircraft applications that comes complete with required brackets, spacers, internal cooling, voltage regulation (choice of internal or external), and over-voltage protection. Plane-Power alternators are warrantied for 2-years against component failures.

    PMA Certified New Replacement Alternators Application Guide 
    Volts/Amps  Model Aircraft/Engine Manufacture Application OEM Part Number  Replacement Alternator Application 
     12 / 60  AL12-C60

    Bracket Is Included
     Piper 69670-00  PA-28-140, PA-28-150, PA-28-151, PA-28-160, PA-28-180, PA-28-235, PA-28R-180, PA-28R-200, PA-32-260, PA-32-300, PA-32R-300
    69670-03 PA-28-140, PA-28-151, PA-28-161, PA-28-180, PA-28-235, PA-28R-200, PA-32-300, PA-32R-300 
    69670-04 PA-28-151, PA-28-161, PA-28-181, PA-28-236, PA-28R-201, PA-28RT-201, PA-32-300, PA-32R-300, PA-32RT-300, PA-32RT-300T 
     24 / 70 AL24-F60

    Bracket Is Included 
    Cessna    152, A152, 172M, 172N, 172P, 172RG, 177RG, R182, TR182
     12 / 70 AL12-F60

     Bracket Not Included
     Beechcraft   19A, B19, M19A, 23, A23-19, A23-24, B23, C23, A24, A24R, B24R, C24R
    Cessna    177, 177A, 177B, 172I, 172K, 172L, 172M, 172N, 172P, 177RG 
     Grumman   AA-5, AA-5A, AA-5B, AG-5B, GA-7 
     12 / 70 AL12-P70

     Bracket Not Included
    Lycoming   Engine series 235, 320, 360, 540, 720
    12 Volt 70 Amp or less Lycoming alternators 
    24 / 70   AL24-P70

    Bracket Not Included
     Lycoming    Engine series: 235, 320, 360, 540, 720
    24v 70 amp or less Lycoming alternators
     Cessna    (OEM 611501-0101) P206A, P206B, P206C, P206D, P206E, U206, U206A, U206B, U206C,U206D, U206E, TP206A, TP206B, TP206C, TP206D, TP206E, TU206B,TU206C, TU206E, 207, T207, 210B, 210C, 210D, 210E, 210F, T210F,T210G, T210H, T210J
    12 / 70  AL12-F60C Cessna   (OEM 611501-0102) 180H, 180J, 180K, 182J, 182K, 182L, 182M, 182N, 182P, 182Q, 182R, 185E, A185E, A185F, 188, P206C, U206C, U206D, U206E, U206F, U206G,TP206C, TU206B, TU206C, TU206E, TU206F, TU206G, 207, T207