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08 Aug

What Is A Bendix Magneto?

A Bendix magneto is a specific type of aircraft magneto manufactured by Teledyne. There are multiple models of Bendix magnetos, and unlike the Slick magneto, they can be infinitely overhauled. As a result, the Bendix magneto is more often overhauled than bought as new, allowing for efficient, cost-effective use.


What Are Some Top Recommended Bendix Magneto Products?


There are many kinds of aircraft magnetos out there, and knowing which brands and models you can trust will keep you one step ahead. The Bendix Magneto by Teledyne is one such aircraft magneto due to its efficiency and reliability. Here are some of our top recommended Bendix magneto products:


Bendix Magneto (S6RSC-25) – Part#: 10-500556-1


Bendix Magneto (S6LSC-25) – Part#: 10-500556-3


Bendix Magneto Pressurized (S6RSC-25P) – Part#: 10-500556-101


These aircraft magnetos have been tried and tested throughout the years, proving to be products worthy of their reputation. Click on any of the above Bendix magneto links to find out more about each. Quality Aircraft Accessories also offers a broad selection of additional Bendix magnetos and other reputable models such as the Slick magneto. Visit the Aircraft Magnetos page of our online store by clicking here to find the Bendix magneto you need, or find out more about aircraft magnetos by clicking here, dual magnetos by clicking here, and Slick magnetos by clicking here.