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Tag: Hartzell Turbochargers

Hartzell Engine technologies has produced a second video in their educational series highlighting their product line. The second installment is titled "The Importance of Cool Down Time for Your Aircraft's Turbocharger". The video details the effects of cutting short your cool down time. Hartzell also goes into proper procedures for cool down to prevent these effects. We highly recommend watching the below video if you are needing information about cool down times as this extends the life of your turbocharger.     The video does not fully illustrate the effects of a shortened cool down for a turbocharger. According to our experienced turbocharger technician, J.R. Hargrove, the more damaging stress of short cool down will occur in the turbine housing of the turbocharger. When the part is not allowed proper time to cool down, the throat in the turbine housing will crack and start to peel due to the excessive…