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A Slick magneto is a specific type of aircraft magneto manufactured by Champion Aerospace. There are many different models of Slick magnetos, so understanding the differences between each and how they relate to your aircraft needs is important. Almost every Slick magneto is sold new, as overhauls to this kind of aircraft magneto are rare.   Quality Aircraft Accessories is the only Slick Magneto Factory Authorized repair center. We offer the entire line of Champion Aerospace aircraft magnetos, including Slick magnetos, as well as other models such as the Bendix magneto and dual magnetos. Visit the Aircraft Magnetos page of our online store by clicking here to find the slick magneto you need, or find out more about slick magnetos by clicking here, dual magnetos by clicking here and Bendix magnetos by clicking here.   If there's more you'd like to learn about aircraft magnetos and other aircraft parts, visit…

A Bendix magneto is a specific type of aircraft magneto manufactured by Teledyne. There are multiple models of Bendix magnetos, and unlike the Slick magneto, they can be infinitely overhauled. As a result, the Bendix magneto is more often overhauled than bought as new, allowing for efficient, cost-effective use.   What Are Some Top Recommended Bendix Magneto Products?   There are many kinds of aircraft magnetos out there, and knowing which brands and models you can trust will keep you one step ahead. The Bendix Magneto by Teledyne is one such aircraft magneto due to its efficiency and reliability. Here are some of our top recommended Bendix magneto products:   Bendix Magneto (S6RSC-25) – Part#: 10-500556-1   Bendix Magneto (S6LSC-25) – Part#: 10-500556-3   Bendix Magneto Pressurized (S6RSC-25P) – Part#: 10-500556-101   These aircraft magnetos have been tried and tested throughout the years, proving to be products worthy of their…

A dual magneto is an aircraft magneto that incorporates a single drive source powering two magnetos. This makes for an arrangement in which the left and right magnetos are contained in a single housing and operated by a single magnet rotor and engine drive. A dual magneto is a convenient solution for most aircraft owners, as aircraft magnetos are almost always used in pairs, and dual magnetos contain just that.   Quality Aircraft Accessories offers a great selection of dual magnetos as well as other reputable models such as the Slick magneto and Bendix magneto. Visit the dual magnetos page of our online store by clicking here to find the aircraft magneto you need, or find out more about aircraft magnetos by clicking here, Slick magnetos by clicking here, and Bendix magnetos by clicking here.

Here at Quality Aircraft Accessories, we specialize in aircraft magnetos and aircraft magneto service. We take pride in our wide breadth of knowledge surrounding aircraft parts and thought we'd share some of that expertise to provide a better understanding of just what an aircraft magneto is and how one works.   An aircraft magneto is an engine driven electrical generator that uses permanent magnets and coils to produce high voltage to fire the aircraft spark plugs. Aircraft magnetos are used in piston aircraft engines and known for their simplicity and reliability. Often sold in pairs, or as a dual magneto, this compact device requires no external electrical source to operate.   You can learn more about a dual magneto by clicking here.   Here's how an aircraft magneto works. Aircraft piston engines are designed with two independent ignition systems. This is made up of two aircraft spark plugs per cylinder…

11 Oct

I am installing a rebuilt alternator.  Should I replace the voltage regulator at the same time?

It's almost that time...what are your tips for flying in cold weather?

21 Jul

Quality Aircraft Accessories is excited about OshKosh 2011. We will be heading to Wisconsin July 25-31 and are thrilled for the opportunity to meet and greet our loyal customers! There is so much to see at OshKosh, and we know everyone will be busy, but make sure and find time to swing by and see us- we will be in Hangar A, booth 1149. OshKosh Airventure has been around since 1953- how many years have you been going? What is your favorite thing about OshKosh?