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13 Dec

New Champion Aerospace Manual for Slick Magnetos

Champion Aerospace to maintain high standards in their products has released a new updated manual for Slick Magneto by Champion. L-1363G manual provides many updates to the previous manual but there are three important updates for the service of Slick Magnetos. The first update that is important to Slick users is the time before overhaul of the magnetos has changed. Previously, the Slick Magnetos TBO was the same as that of the engine but now there is a 12-year overhaul requirement. The second change has to do with the required inspection of pressurized magnetos. Slick Magnetos that are pressurized must be inspected at 250 hour now. The last change is the testing procedure of the capacitor. The manual used to only allow for the testing of the capacitor with a MIT410-EN megger. Now the manual allows for testing the capacitor with equivalent test equipment to the MIT410-EN megger. This allows use of more common tooling during the testing. These are the main changes that users will see in the products they receive from Champion Aerospace or Quality Aircraft Accessories. Please contact QAA if you have any questions about how these changes may affect the Slick Magnetos you have in service now.