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Bendix Magnetos

Bendix, TCM, CMI magnetos are commonly referred to as “Bendix Mags” or Bendix Magnetos. Since 1947, Bendix Magnetos have been in continuous production. Bendix Magnetos are known for light weight, compact design, reliability, and high output. There are four different series of Bendix Magnetos offered currently S-20, short cover, S-200, and S-1200 series. The S-20 series Bendix magneto can be impulse coupled or direct drive. This series will have a feed through capacitor that filter out radio noise from the Bendix Magneto. The variation from S-20 series is the “short cover” Bendix Magneto which is easily distinguished by the rear contact cover, where the feed through style condenser is mounted. When looking at a Bendix Magneto model number such as “S6RSC-25”, the underlined portions means it is a short cover magneto. Another type of Bendix Magneto is a S-200 series which use ignition vibrator along with a retard breaker assembly to start the engine. The last series is the S-1200, these Bendix Magnetos can be impulse coupled or use retard breaker contact assembly. This Bendix Magneto series is able to reach higher voltages to allow for higher altitude of flight. All of these types of Bendix Magnetos are able to be serviced by Quality Aircraft Accessories.

What is a Bendix Magneto?

A Bendix Magneto is a specific type of aircraft magneto manufactured by Teledyne Continental Motors. There are multiple models of Bendix Magnetos, and unlike the Slick Magneto, they can be infinitely overhauled. As a result, the Bendix Magneto is more often overhauled than bought new, allowing for efficient, cost-effective use.

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Because there are varying types and brands, choosing the right aircraft magneto for your aircraft needs is important. Some of the more common aircraft magneto types are Dual Magnetos, Bendix Magnetos, and Slick Magnetos.

Bendix Magneto Overhaul & Repair Service

In addition to our exchange program for Bendix Magnetos, QAA also offers Bendix Magneto overhaul and repair services. If you already have a Bendix magneto, you could benefit from a magneto overhaul. Magneto overhauls are an economical way to keep your aircraft in the sky with limited downtime. Contact us today to find out more about our Bendix magneto overhaul and repair services.

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